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Drupal as case for self-organizing innovation: paper and presentation at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) conference


Last Tuesday I gave a presentation about self-organizing innovation at ISPIM. This paper is an update of my earlier white paper, basically it tries to explain that Drupal is not a CMS community but an open innovation community on software development. Not just the software, but Drupal's community experience is the innovation here. Indeed it's all about the people. The responds to my presentation was splendid, which brings me to a project I've been discussing in Drupalcon Chicago: how to build a bridge between the academic/consulting people with all their knowledge and networks in established innovation markets and the development/hands-on high-tech people of an emerging open innovation business ecosystem (e.g. the Drupal community).

At the moment I'm already busy with one event organization, being the open space on education. Trying to create a joined CXO-DrupalDays and ISPIM workshop will be something I'll go explore next.


I'd suggest getting in touch with an organization like the Centre for Social Innovation, as it sounds like you've do very well to model parts on their efforts. They've built a community based on connecting nonprofits with one another and with enterprise, largely based around the idea of collocation :)

Sounds interesting, do you got a link or contact for it?

If you google it, you find some different Centres for Social Innovation.

The one I'm familiar with (and I believe one of the first pioneers of the "field") is based out of Toronto:

As far as I can tell, they have a tough time accommodating all the organizations that want to work with them and people who want to engage them, so I'd say start off by digging into their whitepapers. If you read up and are interested, then definitely get back in touch and I might have a better contact at the point. I'm hoping to start renting some space through to July 31st, so I might have a name for you in a few weeks if you feel like shooting me off an email. (just sent your presentation to my Kindle :)