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Evaluating the "call for participation" DrupalEdu event

After a month running a "call for participation" on an open space for education (#DrupalEd) it is time for some evaluation. I've used some of the Google charts, but had to copy past all this. Considering that visibilitie is the biggest problem I'm posting this as a comment in groups and as a blog for Drupal planet.
My main conclusion is that we need a lot more visibility to get people interested. During the first two weeks much attempts were made to make the call visible and this created a steady flow of people filling in the survey. During the third week, we did no effort of making it visible and none was added ! This created a surtain panic resulting in a new attempt to get visibility and so again several people submitted. Have a look at the graph for yourself:

Number of daily responses

Now, in total 17 people have respond to be at the open space. Most people that want a blog have mentioned in the comments that they are in the training, so I'm inclined to think that also 17 people have expressed there interest but can't come. This is interesting why would this be 1/2 ? The other question that arises, is that if we can get 140 people in BoFs during Druplacon on DrupalEdu, why did we get such a low responds for the call? These are things we should figure out, it may help us understand what the problem is with de diversity of DrupalEdu project. Remember the whole setup of the call is to support the community building of DrupalEdu.

What sort of platform would suit you best
One-Day Unconference (1 day before DrupalCon) 11 32%
Half-Day Unconference (1 day before DrupalCon) 6 18%
BoF Session(s) (During DrupalCon) 8 24%
I cannot make either but I'm interested in the topic (keep in touch) 9 26%

Considering that only 34 people have responded, I'm not sure if we should conclude much from the other data, but as we have it. I'm happy to give you my view on it. On the one hand most people are ambidextrous, doing most of the background issues given as option. Most people we reached were people already doing DrupalEdu stuff, which is normal as we mostly targeted people in Drupal-groups. Clearly the bigger interest is to creating Durpal as an education platform, after all we stay platform builders.

What is your background in this topic?
I provide (have provided) Drupal training 17 53%
I want/am planning to provide Drupal training 12 38%
I have participated in Drupal curriculum design 5 16%
I want to participate in Drupal curriculum design 8 25%
I provide Drupal services in the educational setting 15 47%
I want to provide Drupal services in the educational setting 12 38%
Other 8 25%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What topics are you interested in?
Education in Drupal for Community Building 19 56%
Providing Drupal training 17 50%
Drupal curriculum 14 41%
Drupal certification 13 38%
Drupal as an educational platform 25 74%
Other 5 15%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.