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Double posting


This blog is posted double. It is actually the first and I hope not too many duplicating post have to be created. The reason is related to our development of "access" to content. In the past 10 months we have been developing a "node access" (Drupal) module for KNOSOS. The idea is to give users flexibility to there contend publication. Currently the module allows you to define the access level of your content and gives you a tool to direct your content to an audience.
As well the access level as the audience can be to people/users or to groups. Defining access does require some attention, but the added value is significant. I'll give some case studies to proof it, let me first explain why I'm double-posting.

At the moment I'm reworking the node_access, I want be be able to define default settings and create a access-profile that would make it easer for me to publish my content. This would be a new features on the current functionality: I let users define a access profile and even allow a default access profile, when people create content they can select one of the profiles. Of course define the access manual (like is possible now) will be possible at all time ..... well ..... I'm looking into admin control over access as well, maybe I only want a user to publish in groups etc. This is something still being investigated. The access profile will be the next feature to deliver and usable for a next feature, related to double-posting: like to control my content and prefer to post all on my own Drupal distribution at still most of the content is related to specific groups in knosos, so I like a feed from my site to knosos with access information. I'm planing to make access profiles to be retrievable by other sites and add this to the RSS-feed, this will be my development for the coming time. I'm hoping it will be posible for comment to get feed-back to my feeding site ... something I'm planing to investigate after creating the profiles and rss stuff.

Here are some of the case studies I see added value by our node access system. Now we started with organic groups, the audience is founded there, so for the base we have to thanks OG developers. We had however a problem with its flexibility and this is is what we made possible:

novice users:
You can first add content private so that you can review it.
Next you can level up audience to a user and show it to some friends.
With feedback and rework you should be comfortable now to level up again and add it to a group.
knowledge protection:
Take a group that represents a company or a group that doesn't like to share there work with just any one. The group would be closed and create a lot of content with access/audience to the group.
Now for a specific problem an expert is consolidated, to allow the expert to get specific content, you can give audience to the group and the expert, this way the expert is never part of the group.
The access has an "advanced" feature default you define the view access but also edit right can be defined, this allows you to create interesting relations between collaboration and visibility of the content.
You can have a group being able to edit a content and another group (or every one) to view the content.
You can give a group view rights an some users (form the group or not) being able to edit this content.