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One year later

It has been more then a year since my last blog. I've not vanished, but have become father, now almost a year ago (11th of April). My last blog was about the educational experiment. I'm now busy with wrapping up my PhD, the submission is planed for this summer. I actually had expected to have my first versions now, the reason of the delay is illness, the cold weather and the incubation by kindergarden is not helping. The worst part was the pneumonia that got me out of play for almost three months.

We have some project in the making. I like to first see one of them become concrete before blogging about it in more detail. I can give some general info. It is now one year that our Global Brain Institute (GBI) has been working on the mathematical model. One plan is to develop the second pillar of GBI which is about next generation university and relates closer to my research on radical innovation. I'm collaborating with many people locally in our university to get a projects going for the next generation university. Another project is the Metropolitan Food Security project that tries to innovate the whole food chain as one huge project. You see, ambitions enough, now lets see the project start ... but first things first => finishing my PhD.

btw, our son is doing fine, it is an incredible experience being father.