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Govern Innovation


This week I had an interesting discussions with two professors of my research group, the topic was related to Business information management (BIM). The first talk with professor E. Torfs was an overview of the BIM-course on IT-governance it was an amazing interesting contribution for my research as it helped me frame my attempts on understanding "innovation" in relation to the control system I've been invesitgating the last years. The new concept was "governance", seeing how it got applied to IT made me think of it as a example of the more general control process going on behind the scene. In the last weeks I have been reading a book on open-innovation -- together with my knowledge on vison based innovation -- is helping to get get my research focus cleared out.

My second talk was with my promoter E. Vandijck in preparation for that talk I was looking on how innovation and HL-cognition fits in my model. I knew I had to abstract the model from HL-cognition and needed a clear explanation on the relation with innovation. The result was to come up with "govern innovation" (G-innovation) and split the model as "Complex-Adaptive information processing". You can read more about it on my research section. Let me now explain a bit more on my idea for G-innovation. From the example of open innovation I noticed it was to primitive and came up with the idea of "dispersive innovation". This made me think op my Triple-loop model and I noticed the "open innovation" is actually the external-loop while the "vision-based innovation" I have been investigating (stralab stuff etc) as related to the motivation-loop. I will work on making the whole more clear and in the mean wile I'm wondering if there would be a Internal-loop and what it would mean. Any how, it seams my work on innovation is gething closer to my other work and I do see it as a breakthrough.


Some interesting research (or so I thought) that may be interesting for you too:

Some hypothesis that Aimin He (in a project under supervision of professor Luc Wilkin) will research further:

  1. What kind of incentive instruments are the most effective in promoting knowledge sharing?
  2. What HRM practices are the most effective governance mechanisms in promoting knowledge sharing?
  3. What organisational design are most effective in promoting knowledge sharing?
  4. What are the sources of knowledge transfer in MultiNationalCommunities, and what kind of interorganizational governance mechanisms are most effective in promoting knowlegde transfer in MultNationalCommunities?

Thanks of the first comment !

Knowledge sharing is an important aspect for innovation. To bad my site isn't developed enough to give some interesting links about knowledge sharing, I'll look into the work of Aimin He when I get to the part of knowledge sharing. Tnx