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Non-linear Phenomena, Complex Systems, & Statistical Mechanics


Today there was the meeting of the FNRS contact group wit the same title as this post. A good question my be what I as a programming modeling researcher was doing in a conference of physics. Well it actually remind me of the same situation I had when going to the ASSC8 conferenece on consciousness or the relation I have with my department on economics. It all gets down to understanding the environment my information models have to be verified against. The meeting of today is related to the most fundamental part while the other two are related to the applied parts. I came with the idea the meeting would help me a bit with the paper on bootstrap I'm working on at the moment as it seams I require the self-organization to explain the bootstrap.

It is as well interesting to understand the enormous work been done in this field (like in all fields) and at the same time see the absence of any information processing structure well know in programming modeling. To bad (for me) most presentations where stiffed with mathematical (non-linear) equations instead of more applied examples. The first presentation (Cellular dynamics and active mechanics) was the most contributing presentation, expanding my knowledge on complex system on a cellular level it made me think of the EMCSR-06 Living systems Symposia. At the end the meeting didn't contribute to my working paper, the only related talks was probably of my ecco-colege Carlos Gershenson. As the conference was running later and later, I never seen his talk, but I'm sure we have enough to talk about when the first draft is ready.