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Demo jqselect in node_access

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For one of our modules called "node_access.module" (yes, the function and table exist, this is an expansion of it) we wanted an advanced multi-select. My college Wouter has created a pragmatic implementation 1/2 year ago. In the last weeks I finally got the time to refractor it.

Many systems create an advanced multi-select by having two lists one you can select from and the selected list itself. I created two demos with plain html files to show the js functions. Next to a double select list we have the option of a free-input that actually can be a ajax function.

In the first demo we show a simple implementation of jqselect.js with suggestion list and free-text. The second demo is the js part of the node_access module, you can all js and html files of this two demos, its warped in the attach. Notice the suggestion list or free-text (with or without ajax) are options depending on the ids in the html.

The next screencast explains a bit about the functions of the second tutorial where this time also the ajax part works (in demo2 its a simple free-input).

Notice there is no AJAX function in the second tutorial as in the screencast, so some stuff will go wrong with the advanced as any normal free-text has no id. Also my apologies about the layout bug in the screencast, this is correct in the tutorial2 and on the live knosos site.

There are several reasons why we like this node_access method, mostly because there are no limits to the access. Another reason is that research on knowledge sharing we know that closed communities share more than open communities. We try to get some of the benefits of closed communities in an open system. Some examples:

  • From basic to advanced collaborative nodes
  • Alowing experts to see some information
  • Small steps to post
  • Pushing and pulling information (node access and views)
  • The relation with content types (node access and cck)
  • Using user2user interaction (advanced node_access hooks)
  • I'm working on a 5.0 release for the modules, will get it in the head asap.


    I'm getting quit the question if the groups in the demo are OG. Well there are not, but when I'm uploading this module to the drupal I plan to have a OG-hooking module with it. It will get implemented when we refractor the group-frame we are developing. In our point of view OG isn't the only group system, drupal knows two more: buddylist and projects. The last may come as a surprise, but if you look to groups in a generic way, you notice that the members are issues in groups. We have been inspired by "System research" to build a design and plan to investigate the possibilities further.

    The second question, when it will be available for download may have gotten (again) some delay. It seams node access has been changed significant and I'm running short on time, so the rounding of of the node_access will have some more delay and I'm re-evaluating the group design after it and make the connecting OG module. Time estimation: March. The modules are quit interwoven (by hooks) and therefore it only makes sense to make them available at the same time.