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Gaps in Wikipedia because of politics?

Today I've been reading an interesting part of history on nuclear reaction in the book "Pandora's Hope" by Bruno Latour. The reason I'm reading this is related to innovation study I'm conducting. The part goes about the research of Jean Frédéric Joliot who is working on chain reaction in 1939. Now of course I was very interested how this is related to the Manhattan Project. But to my surprise there seams to be a gap between 1939 and 1942. The only reference I could find was the letter from Albert Einstein's letter to President Roosevelt. I'm so surprised .... and than I'm not. It is as Latour would say, you can't see separate science from politics. As Jean Frédéric Joliot was relieved of his duties in 1950 for political reasons because he was a devout Communist I' quickly getting to the conclusion that this may well be the reason why there is no mentioning of the interesting and heroic period of "conducting science" on nuclear reaction. A more disturbing question arising from this conclusion is the question if Wikipdedia has gaps because of political reasons of something that is more than 50 years old? I had hoped Wikipedia would overcome this "weakens in humanity", seams I was to positive about the force of "collective intelligence".