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How about support (non stand alone) modules?

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I wanted to manage my subscription today and got a bit lost in the long list. =>

As I have been implementing some js/jquery to deal with to long list it seams appropriate to make a small demo on how the list could be implemented with this jqselect script =>

How it works: you have a list of all modules and the list of your selected modules. For every select module you get a the radios to set the type of subscription. The demo is static only to test the js, just like I showed with two earlier demo's(an easer and a more complicated example). When it would be used I'm willing to integrate it with the module (is the mail subscript a part of the project module?). When there is no interest I won't put time in it of course.

Now I don't seen it before, but how about making a 'project' under a category "javascript" that contains scripts to support other modules? (so it isn't no stand alone module). When scripts would be used in more modules this seams a logical approach no? Or is there another place we can manage (cvs) our javascript?

As I have no better way to manage the script today, I've put it as an attach.


Seams it may actualy fit the jstools module. Didn't notice it before