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What’s going on


It has been a long time since my last blog as I’m working on to many things at once. Sometimes the progress looks to narrow, mostly my attention is simply attracted by so many thing and the blogging get neglected. Let me give a summary on what’s going on:

  • Teaching web development: My main task this year is to create a new course on web development. Currently I'm evaluating projects, several students are finishing some will finish in September. It is almost time for an evaluation of the course. The biggest challenge is to make the development course fit the slogan of our lab: IT should be part of there business model What makes IT not an easy task you can simply delegate to the developers. The developers should understand that they require an open mind to work in todays web dev. In my course they need to search, use other code and api, learn to work with multiple languages, collaborate and communicate about their project. Of course I’m also spending time on good generic/abstract software. I did a presentation on last barcamp brussels, it was recorded but never got the video. Should have bloged about the barcamp as well ... got distracted
  • Drupal/knosos development: Created an access-profile system. This is an expansion of the node access created almost a year ago and fits a general knosos module release I’ve been working on (to long). Should be releasing the group and access module this summer. (Lost so much time with the js/jquery/ajax stuff). Gave a presentation on it last week during knosos (users comity) meeting, will make a screencast of it soon.
  • Working paper on innovation: A paper that is related to recent books I’ve been reading (and aseptically Mokyr). It is part of the “governing innovation” idea where I like to make the link between: my previous research, innovation studies and IT-web dev. Intuitive its clear, transforming it to a readable paper is the hard part. Should be posted this summer.
  • Other research activities : For the last months we had ecco seminary every week, they where great and gave a lot of information to think about. I’ve been spending quit some time on it. I’m also trying to collaborate with other research labs by creating sub-projects that would fit these labs. Of course I'm still looking for labs more related to my work as well.
  • entertainment ! Of course work isn’t every thing. I’ve been spending quit some times on sports. Every Sunday and Thursday I’ve been indoor-climbing with my girlfriend. Last time I ‘toped’ 6B and a worked on 6C (needed 1 break). The grade is French, here is comparison table for othe grad-systems I’ve also been going to the gym to support my main sport, hope to become better than when I stopped (7B, 7C) => got a long task ahead. Last but not least I’m having a second revival with the morph game wow, didn’t play it for moths, now I’m having fun with it again.