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Finaly !


In the last months I did had some trouble with my old provider so I changed, sadly the changes had some troubles by themselves. I do miss all several of my files (pdf and screencasts). The site is outdated any way (should check it all), just another item on my to do list. At least I can blog again. Let me give (yet another) update:

Latest activities:

  • Phenomenal Consciousness and Self-Awareness:
    On Thursday 22 november there was a small conference at the university of Antwerp. While the title may be not directly related to my own research the topics in the morning where.
  • Knosos conference:
    On Monday 19 november there was a the closure of the knosos1 project. It was a good day, lots of people, lots of interactions (with open-spaces etc). We also had a small Belgian Drupal users gathering.
  • General:

  • Novelty research: Currently my research should be getting more priority. It seams my topic is boiling down to useful novelty and it fits a cross-point of innovation (management) and cognition. I've got several working paper and projects running. I'll be updating this site asap to give more information.
  • Teaching web development: Currently the course is getting updated in its 2de test run. Until now the course has been called simply "programming". The plans for next year is to give it a proper own spirit. The process is in motion, but lets wait for the process gets to its result.
  • Drupal/knosos development: There has been a full upgrade to drupal5 for the conference, several modules are in cvs and some will get branched very soon. There is also help needed with views2, I'll first see if I can help with that.
  • Other research activities : Both with ECCO and MOSI it has been busy times. Having seminars and individual talks. Well I guess lot of what is discussed now will get in a blog one day or another.