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Web development course


The programming course this year seams to be as fruitful as last year. I'm really pleased on how that project is taking off and how the future plans are looking. I would like to draw the attention in this blog to the concept of the course.
Seppe Staes is on of my students this year and he is going for a flex integration. In his recent project blog a reference to Luke Bayes and Alic Mills SWOT was made. I've looked at the SWOT and was very pleased to learn more on how to optimize my course as the SWOT they have been doing can be applied more generally for web mashup programming. They use three criteria for analyzing: approachability, flexibility, scalability. Let me give a summary of what it means (go an see the video to have full detail). There are three categories, a small description of what it means and a list on how to reach it (exactly as on the slides in the video).


Getting up to speed and getting answer to the questions.

  • documentation
  • adaptation
  • active community
  • knowledge sharing
  • flexibility

    Freedom associated to the framework.

  • open-source license
  • context independent
  • minimize internal dependencies (like independent from version)
    (such as the Flex framework)
  • ++ minimize external dependencies (like server issues)
    (like AIR, Java, RAils, AMF, PHP)
  • scalability

    The cost of features (and more important after 50st features)

  • testable code
  • encourages clear encapsulation
  • accommodates change
  • supports parallel development
  • modular applications
  • The reason I like the criteria is that there is a nice overlap with the criteria of the course. There is of course a different in focus. The SWOT is way more complicated relating to existing frameworks. The course only tries to give a flavor of what is out there, what exactly makes this SWOT so nice. There are several issues touched in the SWOT I didn't include in the course, although I find them very important. Maybe most absent are the non-functional aspects listed as flexibility issues. I'll tag this scheme to take into account when updating those parts of the site.