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Reworking my personal site


Let me tell you the story behind this personal webspace. I had a small experiment with creating my personal site two years ago. It actually started out as investigation of frames, I didn't know at that time frames are out dated. For 10 months I work on the Knosos project and have learned Drupal and other good web-tools. This time I'm planing not to use my personal-site as to test web-technology ( .... well ... it won't be the focus), but to use it as better way to express myself. I actualy planed this several months ago, but had troble with my provider (I switched now).

As this is my first blog, let me give my good intentions. I'm planning to get more structured blogs, about my research, projects and development. Maybe I'll do some dutch topics on politics/opinions, not sure if I will. Concrete: I see topics related to my Phd, probably with a focus on higher-level cognition, cybernetics, evolution, innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently I'm involved in one running project called Knosos, but I'm trying to push a project on Neurofeedback and it seams I'm getting involved with pajamanation as well. On development site its all about Drupal, currently I have several experimental modules, its time to finish so they can get back to the Drupal community. I should how ever put myself to writing for my PhD again, didn't write for almost a year on it ! I also didn't code on my model for almost 2 year, but there is a stategy/reason behind that, maybe I'll blog on it another time.

So what are my plans, and what have I been up to => The last year I mostly worked on the Knosos project, but organizing the Drupalcon and the collaboration like govcamp was also taking more time than expected (but is was fun!). Just after the conferences I started my teaching at the university and I just finished writing my course for 1 semester. As you can see I'm a busy bee, I hope I keep up this blogging to keep people updated on it.