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The autonomy of useful knowledge


It is not evident to change once view of the world, especial when its related to the concept of free will. In the past years I have been busy reviewing the concepts of intelligence. It is one of those concept still full of romance and mysteries. I've found the use of a metaphor helpful to opening up. Try to imagine how old societies behaved toward those issues they could not understand (the moon, the sun, the seasons), in most cases a human like projection and behavior with supreme powers was given. When we look at how such objects and phenomena are understood today it brings a chilly feeling of absenteeism of romance or humanity. Try projecting the similar rationality to the concept of intelligence. It is a bit scary when I try it, be free to give me your own impression.

Currently my view on intelligence has been transformed, guided by the metaphor. In one of my working papers the autonomy of useful knowledge is investigated as an alternative to concept of intelligence. Wednesday I've been trying to explain it to my good friend and college Wouter. It becomes more and more my impression how foolish the impression of "being intelligence" and "in control" is. Depending on what you call intelligence and control of course. In relation to creating knowledge, it seams as humans are but the mediators and knowledge is bootstrapping itself. I made a page about the subject: autonomy of useful knowledge.