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Working papers taking up more time


Last moth has been full of stress. Lucky for me a deadline got postponed several times and I've been working on a submission of the open IT innovation call until the 16th. The week after it I was in Viena on the ECCS conference, but with no wifi on in my room. This last week I've been updating all my other stuff. Many nice blog topics are to late now, but let me write something about the papers.

I've made a paper on formalizing novelty and a novelty management. Clearly my writing is the weakest link, I'm not all to pleased about them. I touch swiftly the relation between individual cognition and the collective construction of science & technology. Still the first paper is mostly about individual adaptation. The collective adaptation is more worked out in the novelty management.

The formalizing novelty paper is addressing two topics. The virtual meta-system transitions, what is a philosophical categorization to restrict the research problem. The problem is now a general information processing system that has to clarify how it can shift control to the knowledge it is processing and how its evaluation is redefining the knowledge. The second part of the paper is related more to my earlier work and makes an analytical mathematical description of how the system achieve the knowledge. The direction I what to go with this work is to build a theory and if framework (programming tool) to implement novelty control.

The novelty management is to govern radical change. Several innovation management models are used to make a management tool more inline with the novelty theory. As the novelty research is interested in how knowledge can be extracted out of the environment it can give more clarity on radical change. Using the novelty research for innovation management seems a useful and reachable application of the research. It does put several new challenges, like putting the theoretical constructed model in practice. I'm looking forward to tackle this challenge.