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"Thank you" spam


I've just noticed the new spam on my site. It has become more polite, really sneaky basters ;-)

Several comments appeared that encourage my blogging, but it stayed vague, like:
- Entirely wonderful thank you - just what I needed!
- This is really helpful! Thanks.
- This is great! Nice blog.

But... when you click on the username, then you notice ... it's spam! Damm, I thought: 'Finally some people who are interested in my blogs!'. Well, I'll better have the 'Update module' active.

P.S. See you at Drupalcon if you go.


But a bit of vigilance seems to have helped the problem. I've been using Mollom for comments, and if I find myself deleting 3-4 similar comments in a time period, that class of comment pretty much dries up and goes away. Thank you Mollom!

Detecting spam is getting harder and harder. To reduce the overall number of spam comments in Drupal enforcing comment preview is very helpful. Also the mollom and akismet modules/services reduce your moderation efforts.

Thank you for your information! Very helpful!

..... I was getting more of this kind of spam even when I was using Mollom. So, I decided to stray away from the Drupal comment system and moved to Disqus. Try it out on my site.

Disqus is a hosted web service for comments. The neat thing about it is that they allow your commenters to have one profile among all the sites that use Disqus. You can vote on users' retribution, and that retribution is held among all of the blogs that they visit. The thing I like most about it, though, is that you can make replies to posts by replying to the notification email. Very handy when I'm on the commute to work away from a wifi port. It isn't perfect, but they're sticking new features in every week.

The Drupal module is at . Try it out!

It's even more subtle than that. I get random comments on old blog posts all of the time that clearly are being written by folks trying to pump up their Google karma by hijacking some of mine, and it looks as if they're following instructions from a book. My response has been to force all comments to go through moderation and approve only the ones that seem genuine -- after a quick mouseover to see if they're linking their names to some shoe store website.

I'd like to rig an action that emails me the comment when it's posted, but there does not seem to be a %variable that does that. I can only get the node body, which tells me what I wrote, not what the potential spammer wrote.