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Reflecting on DrupalCon-Szeged: the shift to RDF

DrupalCon was again a great experience. Reflecting on it, I'm mostly surprised by the relation with RDF in some of the tracks. There was the session on Training and Certificates that wants to create an RDF for curriculum. Another interesting session was about Hacking Climate Change with Drupal and the Semantic Web I made a discussion-post about the RDF for curriculum in groups. This blog will be about the other session.

Hacking climate change, what an idea ! It was a pure coincidence that David and Nicholas made a BoF right next to mine. As several people wanted to go to both BoFs we decided to merge the two sessions. It may not have helped to the clarity of the talks. I guess many people where wondering what the connection was, but in the end the message came trough. I want to support Research & development using Drupal and hacking climate change is a great experiment to support. So what is hacking climate change? It is an idea ! Just spread the word, read the presentations and give your opinion. You can do it even here in the comments.

My opinion is that the combination of creating clarity and collaborative problem solving will be able to help the climate change. The problem needs a complex integrated approach and a lot more out of the box thinking. So yes, we have to hack it !