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Mini ECCOn

Last week we had a mini ECCO conference (ECCOn) with three international speakers of ECCO. It makes me wonder if we can do a bigger conference in the near future. Each speaker’s topic was quite different, but there was a common ground: each one talked about knowledge and cybernetics. The first speaker looked at the web, the second speaker took it to the brain while the last speaker projected it to the universe. The last one was probably the most controversial and I will use this blog to give my reflection on it.

One of the topics that may still be controversial but is clearly gaining support is the idea that we may not expand on the universe but see an internally emerging behavior. Think about how virtual world have been the new frontiers (like marketing, gaming, research, etc.) in the past years. Projecting this to say we will become a black-hole civilization is cool idea, but I’m a bit more skeptical with linear projections. My opinion is that whatever our thought, reality will exceed our expectations.

One of the topics that was most inspiring for me was an in depth analysis of a twin. They look similar, but internally - like their neurons - they are totally different. You only need a few mediating cells to create a body. It was an example of Hierarchical emergence of increasingly matter and energy efficient and matter and energy dense 'substrates' (platforms) for adaptation and computation.

I’ve been focused on the emerging of hierarchical invariance - based on what Jeff Hawkins describes in he’s “On intelligence” - for my EIP-system. To put it in plain English, it is what makes Cybernetics unique. A system can be controlled by few variables, however you need to treat the theory - that defines the behavior of the system - as part of the physical world. It makes intelligence systems also easier to understand. As they use that part of the physical world to create an advantage. The hard part is changing your worldview to accept something that has no mass as part of the world. Funny thing is, light has no mass either, but we don’t have trouble with that concept. Maybe because we can not measure information, but can measure light. I guess we shall only solve the world view problem once the medical world has confronted us enough with our absurd concept of intelligence.