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Working papers

This is a selection of working papers. There is a title, state and date. The title may variate and will be a recent title of the paper. The date on the other hand is when I first start writing on the paper. To understand what is going on, I made states, those can be:

  • published: The paper should be in my 'peer reviewed' papers.
  • pre-print: Finished, getting peer feedback for final publication (link to pre-print).
  • almost: The paper is being worked on in a regular basis and is expected to be finished soon.
  • active: The paper is being worked on in a regular basis. It is however totally unclear when it will be ready
  • started: A fresh idea, with a lot of work to do.
  • postponed: There is no time to work on that topic now.
  • recycled: The concept has been reused in another paper. This the topic gets more concrete, merged with another topic or broken up in more topics
  • stopped: It may have abandon the idea, notice it was wrong or find myself very unlikely to work in that direction any more.
  • Title   state   Start date
    A critical perspective to exponential organizations and its hyper scalability   pre-print   May 2016
    Supporting Drupal ecosystem by Drupal-labs   started   June 2010
    A conceptual framework for Enterprise Innovation Planning software   almost   April 2010
    Web Service Development for Business: a master class on Drupal and innovation management   recycled   April 2010
    Global brain inspired alignment by Drupal: between strategy problems, practical web development and cognitive insights.   published   Jan. 2010
    Dynamic capabilities of Enterprise Innovation Planning   recycled   Nov. 2009
    Social concepts and there relation to software development   recycled   July 2009
    Bootstrapping as default   postponed   June 2009
    Enterprise Innovation Planning with social software   published   June 2009
    Novelty management:   recycled   Feb. 2008
    From Extralegal to Empowerment   postponed   Sep. 2007
    Artificial Meta-System Transition to clarify useful Novelty Control   published   Sep. 2007
    From novelty research to Governing innovation for IT   recycled   May 2007
    Higher-level Cognition and Governing Macro Innovations   recycled   April 2007
    Innovation Governance   recycled   Feb 2007
    Consciousness, a more Appropriate higher-level Control System   stopped   Jan 2006
    Complex-Adaptive Paradigm   recycled   2005
    A triple loop model for higher-level cognition   published   July 2005
    The Primacy of Context   stopped   March 2004
    Awareness Technology   recycled   2004