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Business Intelligence & Databases (Databases)

For the course Business Intelligence & Databases I gave between 2006-2009 exercises on database normalization and SQL.


The students get insight in the different database systems and their implementation. They learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different alternatives. The students learn how to use a commercial database system in practice.

Previous knowledge

Introduction to information systems.


During this course students will have exercises on database normalization and SQL.

Teaching materials

* see url

Mode Assessment

Written examination for exercises.

Additional information

Contact hours: 26h.: seminars, excersises or practica
Language: English & Dutch
Titular: prof.dr. E. Van Dijck
OO-fiche n°: Vrije Universiteit Brussel-ESP-MOSI-13373 (Englisch) & ESP-MOSI-13373 (Dutch)