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The teachers says "Yes we can" and he did


This blog is about Barack Obama, he may not be my president, but he is my teacher. I want to congratulate him and wish him the best with making his visions real. It has been a few months since I share a tear of happiness by listening to Obama's speech. Lately the debate got more tough and it looks like the main ideas where already present for a few months. He has been an inspiration to understand how change is possible, speeches like " a more perfect union", "yes we can", "... on energy" are just some you have to see. Today I found the victory speech not at the usual, but suggest to get the victory-speech@nytimes. I do like how they added tags on the video and added the text next to it.

Let me use the tags used in the victory-speech@nytimes, to give my opinion. Many analyzes say that the US got such a big problem at the moment that the new president is going to be a crisis managers and have to focus on cleaning up the mess. I always dislike how this so called "expert" think they can forecast what is to come. This dislike comes of course from my interest in novelty and understanding how improbable changes can happen (... yes we can !). What this so called experts seems to ignore is that we are talking about a nation (not a company), it has totally different resources to its command. In last victory speech Obama talks at a moment about "New spirit" (see tag). This is a short repetition of hiscall to service. The idea of creating civilian services can be a leverage to bring change in quantities larger that hoped for. Based on how the election is won (primarily by grassroots organizations ) he looks like the man to make such a civilian-services-force possible.

Obama has been a teacher for me in the past 10 months. I used to be quite negative when I look at the world. I see democracy, security, free-will, emancipation, equality and all this values I hold dear, melting like snow by the sun. Its slipping true our fingers. I used to answer it with equal negativity, but Obama has learned not to despair. Quotes like "I will listen to you, especial when we disagree" and concepts like "the American dream" bring back hope. I hope he can make that American dream a beacon of light and help the world become a more fare & equal.


I've noticed that the sides I've found during the election campain aren't really well up to date to follow the next steps. I've just found a brand new site that seems to have taken over that purpose. See