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Frustration about integration


You can find my quite often in a deep debate at the cafeteria on our campus. The thing is, I just love to solve hard problems, think about world views and allow out of the box conclusions. Today we discussed migration and integration again. I know several volunteer that help troublesome students to not fall out the system. There is a big frustration by many volunteers as no structural solution is given to this problem.

When you define some simple rules on social behavior you can make good discussions or decisions. I love two rules in this multi-cultural debate. The first: once freedom stops where some once else freedom begins. I would like to refer to a great debate that took place in the Netherlands in 2007. We see the comedian Hans Teeuwen who uses insults in his satire. However, they get him to answer serious after 3 min and his answers do appeal to me.

For the second rule: don't think in we-versus-they. I mean that some people think other people have less right, that kind of thinking can not be allowed, but is present all around us. I try to use this simple rules to open a debate and try to progress in mutual understanding. Debate after debate it becomes better formulated. I would love to see a structural solution and hope that such debates will contribute to it. So yo may find me in a deep discussion with some people at the cafeteria of our campus.