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Writing out a drupal exercise

Today I've finally written out one of the exercise on drupal. It is a simple drupal module tutorial to show the interaction between users. The exercise introduces hook_menu, hoop_perm and hook_comment. The text is but a draft, tomorrow I'll check if my students can make sense of it.

I've been using this module in the last two years to give my students an introduction to drupal module development. This exercise comes after several other tutorials on php. The first year I had to make up the exercises, it wasn't totally clear what I wanted to give. In that first year only a bit of theory was written out on the site. In the second year it all became more stable, but I still had to change much. The exercise for databases were become quite rich though. This year I've been writing up some draft for the "PHP to Drupal" exercises as well. I'm getting quite satisfied with the current content although it need to get edit, cleaned out and expanded with more exercises. I'll be adding at least one more exercise on views2 in a few weeks.

Creating exercises and theory on developing code is the easy part, the part I can express best. The real challenge is the business or management part. It has been a hard part to express during the course and I'm working on making it better. In Dries recent OSBC blog I've found a great introduction I'll be using it next year as intro. It is so much better then my pity performance on FOSDEM 2008, that introduction sucks. I tried to explain how coding can be fun, but I wasn't even getting near the social dimension of it, got stuck with a pure functional look on it. I'm so glad Dries made that OSBC presentations.

Although I think much can be improved to expressing the business part of the course, I'm really satisfied by the results there have been in the past 2,5 years. The approach is a living-lab. The students have to mimic a community interaction and are encourage to collaborate. This is possible as each student has a uniquely defined project and will differentiate the project in respect to the other projects. Current project are promising to be even better that ever before, this is clearly as creating a drupal-module is required this year.


Creating exercises and theory on developing code is the easy part, the part I can express best. It is a good topic for essay writing.