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New-market disruption class?

I was just a bit surfing the web for Clayton M. Christensen new work and listened to a blogcast on his recent book Disrupting Class. In the blogcast he talks about disrupting class by using computers, but argues that it is not yet good enough to compete with universities and should compete with non-consumption. This surprised me, as I'm not competing with non-consumption but with new-market consumption with my WSDB course.

From the wikipedia: "New market disruption" occurs when a product fits a new or emerging market segment that is not being served by existing incumbents in the industry." (in our case universities)

When you think about THE emerging market you think of the internet right? It has been my focus for both research and teaching about discontinuous innovation. So how do you teach about the web development? It can not be done in the classical university course, as the concrete technology will be out dated before the year is over ! What need to be done, in my opinion, is learn how community development is done (more or less). Although the way our course is using it, is not yet well enough structured after three years teaching the course, it has been productive form the first year. Like mostly with disruptive innovation, it's not about the ability to create the technology, it's about the disrupting a mentality to see different needs. In our course-case it was the difference from teaching students to program to how to deal with the fast change in programming opportunities on the web. ... well we will be working on improving the course, I'm now quite eager to see if we can collaborate with other disruptive class projects too ... we'll see


Check out Kyle Matthews' session at DC DCon, he has a great set of concepts about learning in a social network site.

While it is true that the most important lessons you can teach are how to learn independently I think there is a lot of value in classes as places where you can meet people at a similar point in there life. Having an online platform for collaborative learning has great value in this perspective.