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19th EIASM doctoral summer school on "open innovation"


Currently my mind still overloaded as is my to-do list, notes and mailbox. It will take a while before I have processed one whole week of non stop idea creation. Let me tell a bit of how the event got organized. In the morning there were presentations by invited professors. In the afternoon three Phd students presented there work. It would take more time than I have at the moment to tell about all the splendid stuff we experienced. Let's just say it would be a lot longer then my last blog to express it all. Any how I think many of the elements will get addressed later on and I'll use the EIASM tag to bring all the blogs together. I just wish everyone on the school last week the best and hope we will stay in contact. Now I need to focus on my task at hand this week I need to give a presentation and next week. Also the next academic year will start and there is plenty administration to do.