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Investigating innovation processes AS-IS, the methodology

After giving several presentations in September, we have begone to visit companies to investigate how innovation is happening there. The idea is to find the AS-IS situation and compare it to some of the literature. I won't be writing about the specific cases, the companies and the people we work with should be able to evaluate that first. I can talk about the methodology.

It is not my intention to create boring questionnaires, but to experience the full complexity of the innovation process. The method can be called Participatory learning based on action research. I know it more from antropology research, just observer or being a participant is a quite different story. The participatory method should lead to an improvement for the partners too, this is very important aspect.

I'm also a bit inspired by the concept of repurposing. There is the story of Gutenberg and his discovery of the printing press. The story goes that Gutenberg had the idea, but could not create it. Only by being on a wine exposition and seeing a wine press did he found a breakthrough on his vision. Repurposing has been important during my whole research, it was a key aspect of my master thesis too. The expected outcome from this participation is a breakthrough on how to create a web2.0 tool for the Enterprise Innovation planning ... still a long way to go !