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Planning a Drupal academic initiative


In the past years I’ve had discussion about a Drupal academic initiative with many people. 2011 seems to be an excited moment to see the many discussion turn into actions. A good project needs to have at least a small user group to help shape the initiative. To do so we plan three events during different Drupal events. The first one is very "ad hoc" and will happen soon: Devdays 5 and 6 February. You can join the discussion on the session pageThe second meeting (BoF) is planned during Drupalcon Chicago in March. If all goes well this will result in a research-track during Drupalcon London in August. There is still much to do and any help is welcome.


Is there any way you can keep me informed about this or form a group on My id is jonnydover, and I love this idea, but I won't be able to attend any of the meetings you've outlined.

Hey Jonny,

Sorry for the late reply, but no problem with keeping you informed.

I'm just working with mails mostly and post stuff on this site and a the group: but the group does have a different focus.

The idea should develop to some kind of online support, so even if you cannot come to the event there will be stuff you can do. As you see it is all still ad hoc at the time, but I'll keep you informed.

is this pushing through? I'm also interested and would like to help.

The one in Brussels got canceled, we had troubles with wifi in building B. I will keep on pushing this initiative. If you get to chicago join if not, give me a mail (info 'at' this-site or use the contact form) and I'll keep you in the loop.