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From the core conversation: can we do virtual sprints?


I’ve got a suggestion/question related to the core conversation on Drupal 8: Could we create “virtual sprints” on specific topics by using VoIP?

During the core conversation on Drupal 8 Ariane Khachatourians suggestions about sprints. This is something I care about, as after 5 years wanting to contribute to core, I never been able to do so. I know how to program, but I find it hard to figure out what is going on because of time limits. I’ve tried a long time ago to follow the IRC in an attempt to become part of the development flow, but notice that reading all the stuff was simply too time consuming and exhausting to me.

A few years ago I was playing WOW and while I did not had the time to be on it all the time. The use of Ventrilo and simple registration/notification systems to organize the raid. It was a great solution to be part of the raid flow without the need to be a WOW addict. Ventrilo was used as a next generation of IRC with walky-talky like conversations that made a raid much easer. The benefit of voice is that you can be working on your own stuff and simply listen to what is going on at the same time. So could we use some of that experience to create virtual sprints?

I never raised the idea, as it seems logical that enough people in core would know about playing MMORPGs. Maybe there are good reasons not to use it. However, during the code sprint in Chicago it turned out some people did not know such solutions. So please let me know what you think about it.

Ventrilo is a commercial VoIP, but there are other solutions and we have a VoIP Drupal group , probably they have better suggestions.


Seems there has just been a VOIP Drupal Released, great !

Virtual sprints are organized regularly already. Agree on a time and date, decide on the topics to tackle in a wiki, join a dedicated IRC room and off you go. Maybe add a Skype conference call if needed. I can see how hearing voice instead of reading updates in another window on the screen should be less distracting and it would be interesting to investigate open source options there. VOIP will not cure your limited time though :)

So again, I'm confronted with a lack of getting informed. Not sure what I'm doing wrong though...
Are such wiki's creating in the groups or is their a centralized place for creating virtual sprints?

I think most sprints get coordinated through IRC or the relevant group on g.d.o. See No other central place that I know of. I agree it's hard to stay up to date on these things. Organizing one yourself would surely put you in the middle of things ;)
Could you add a quick note about this problem to

It has become more than a quick note ;-)

Mumble ( is an cross platform open source voice chat client / server combo that works better than Ventrilo for most people, both for gaming and for other applications.

Ventrilo is not free in any way, TeamSpeak is coded very poorly.

Mumble is a great piece of software, free in every way, and works like a charm.

Like Chris I'm suggesting Mumble, which we're successfully using in the German Drupal Community (Link to German site: Usage includes translation sprints and other meetings afaik.

I've been wondering about that Mumble is indeed the first hit you get, but in the Drupal VoIP group I can't find quickly a topic addressing Mumble. Now why would that be so?

.. you see such questions keeps me bussy and unable to move to some real action.

CivicActions has a conference call server (access via regular phone, SIP, Skype, Google voice, with text chat, multi-person webcams and screen/presentation sharing) that we are happy to provide access to for Drupal community sprints or meetings. Just let me know via if you are interested.

BTW I meant Google Talk (i.e. Gmail or Talk app) not Google Voice (... although you can the latter to call in via regular PSTN too of course).
^^ appears to be some work on there for mumble and drupal.