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Drupalcon as event-incubator: from what is emerging in BoFs to pre-conference open spaces


It seems that Drupalcons are getting a same structure: the day before the event there is training and min-conference, like CXO and after the conference a code sprint. This does look like a great formula. The min-conference makes me imagine Drupalcon as an event-incubator. Wouldn’t it be great to have what is emerging in the BoFs during the conference to become open spaces min-conference at next Drupalcon?

Drupalcon Chicago BoFs were plenty, at some moments 10 BoFs at the same time. This made it hard to select one over the other. Getting an overview is becoming harder too. I’ve noticed many Git BoFs, and many specific development topics. Many other BoFs are about community building (e.g. this one) or community experience (e.g. trivia night). I’ve gone to some, but only now notice there are many more, some of the comments are dam funny (e.g. this one). My personal interest goes to BoFs on science and BoFs on education. The last were so plenty that I sadly missed several edu-BoFs. I would love to have an open space about education or one about “growing the community” of course next to open space for CXO.

Now the CXO in Chicago was not an open space, but it should have been one. My opinion is based on questioning several people who participated in the CXO, most found the table discussion the most interesting, which was the one thing coming close to open space. I’ve noticed the interest to discuss sensitive topics, which was not allowed by the speaker. However, the same sensitive information was shared in the open space CXO in Brussels. As the project is disruptive, we should not look for experts but for ways to standardize the tacit knowledge that Drupalshops have from experience. Standardizing the tacit knowledge is more productive with an open space.