Dam Spam

Lately all this dam spam is getting past the checkup tools. So I've deactivated the comment until I can find a way to block the spam again.

New-market disruption class?

I was just a bit surfing the web for Clayton M. Christensen new work and listened to a blogcast on his recent book Disrupting Class. In the blogcast he talks about disrupting class by using computers, but argues that it is not yet good enough to compete with universities and should compete with non-consumption. This surprised me, as I'm not competing with non-consumption but with new-market consumption with my WSDB course.

Writing out a drupal exercise

Today I've finally written out one of the exercise on drupal. It is a simple drupal module tutorial to show the interaction between users. The exercise introduces hook_menu, hoop_perm and hook_comment. The text is but a draft, tomorrow I'll check if my students can make sense of it.

First release of gefira


I've just got informed that the first game of gamoti, called gefira will get presented for the first time next week Tuesday.

Congratulation Joris !

Disruption of nations by globalization

In Friedman's book "The World Is Flat" you find the expression "creative destruction on steroid". Recently I've been hearing this term more frequently, probably not all have read the book, but the expression does seems appeal to many. In a recent debate on service science we got from the economic crisis to that expression. You could understand this as "flattening is a disruptive innovation". It seems to be a disruption of nations, by globalization and the rise of a new order. Let me outline what I mean with that.

What is IBM's point on Open-Source development?


While I hear many stories about how the Google way is so great towards OS-development (and they are), I'm starting to like IBM more and more as well.

Frustration about integration


You can find my quite often in a deep debate at the cafeteria on our campus. The thing is, I just love to solve hard problems, think about world views and allow out of the box conclusions. Today we discussed migration and integration again. I know several volunteer that help troublesome students to not fall out the system. There is a big frustration by many volunteers as no structural solution is given to this problem.

Long term thinking and bloggin


There is a conflict between my interests and blogging. When you look at my past blogs, you notice gaps of months. The problem is, I think sever times a week about making a blog. Once I start a story, I notice it starts to look like the intro to a a research paper. So I just file it with my other ideas. Mostly I don't even open those files any more, its like they are small brainstorms, but the real result sticks in your head, the content becomes useless.

The teachers says "Yes we can" and he did


This blog is about Barack Obama, he may not be my president, but he is my teacher. I want to congratulate him and wish him the best with making his visions real. It has been a few months since I share a tear of happiness by listening to Obama's speech. Lately the debate got more tough and it looks like the main ideas where already present for a few months.

Site makeover


In the last week my site has been taken offline by Els. She has been reworking it and re-theming. As a consequence I've been sucked in the makeover and its still not over. You can find pages with "attentions". These pages will be reworked in the coming days.


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