Mini ECCOn

Last week we had a mini ECCO conference (ECCOn) with three international speakers of ECCO. It makes me wonder if we can do a bigger conference in the near future. Each speaker’s topic was quite different, but there was a common ground: each one talked about knowledge and cybernetics. The first speaker looked at the web, the second speaker took it to the brain while the last speaker projected it to the universe. The last one was probably the most controversial and I will use this blog to give my reflection on it.

Reflecting on DrupalCon-Szeged: the shift to RDF

DrupalCon was again a great experience. Reflecting on it, I'm mostly surprised by the relation with RDF in some of the tracks. There was the session on Training and Certificates that wants to create an RDF for curriculum. Another interesting session was about Hacking Climate Change with Drupal and the Semantic Web I made a discussion-post about the RDF for curriculum in groups. This blog will be about the other session.

Principle of the self-organization systems


Is it decent to blog about a publication that has appeared 46 years ago?

Some times I find some interesting topic that is a month old and find to old to still blog about. I've been planning to not worry about the date of the topic and just blog about it when it seams relevant. It was not the intention to be so extreme with the age of the publication, but this publication just amazing.

"Thank you" spam


I've just noticed the new spam on my site. It has become more polite, really sneaky basters ;-)

Several comments appeared that encourage my blogging, but it stayed vague, like:
- Entirely wonderful thank you - just what I needed!
- This is really helpful! Thanks.
- This is great! Nice blog.

But... when you click on the username, then you notice ... it's spam! Damm, I thought: 'Finally some people who are interested in my blogs!'. Well, I'll better have the 'Update module' active.

P.S. See you at Drupalcon if you go.

Open Innovation as false-negatives

Yesterday I had an interesting talk with Wim Vanhaverbeke who is an expert on open innovation. For example he is a coauthor of Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm. To give some idea of the talk I would like to tell about open-innovation as false-negatives. One of the many thing I've learned yesterday.

First Draft on Enterprise Innovation planning (EIP).

When you stand on a crossroad of two disciplines, how do you make one aware of the potential leverage from the other? It may be easer when one uses the jargon from the discipline you try to reach at, in this case management. The goal is to manage radical change by creating something similar as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Innovation (so EIP). It is the intention to make a project/experiment for the research on novelty during my PhD.

Is memetics a science?


Yesterday there was an interesting ecco seminary about memetics by Øyvind Vada. In contract the the explanation on the wikipedia, that mostly refers to Dawkins (1976) who explains it as "unit of cultural inheritance", Vada goes back to earlier work like the idea of "units for cultural transmission" (Semon, 1904) and "a memory trace" (Maeterlinck 1927).

FP7 BoF for Drupal research


A month ago Kristof took contact with me as he was interested in FP7 for a semantic web code sprint series. We had a great talk later and I've been checking the FP7 themes with supervision by the national contact point. I only scratched the surface but that is already huge.

Working papers taking up more time


Last moth has been full of stress. Lucky for me a deadline got postponed several times and I've been working on a submission of the open IT innovation call until the 16th. The week after it I was in Viena on the ECCS conference, but with no wifi on in my room. This last week I've been updating all my other stuff. Many nice blog topics are to late now, but let me write something about the papers.

Longer-term Drupal @ FOSDEM


Yesterday a whole day Drupal @ FOSDEM. The krimson team has been covering the recording, but its a bit to soon to see the castings online. I'll probably make some more blogs when they get online, however Dries asked for feedback, so I'll give mine. He did a combination of the Barcelona talk and he's recent blog on the long term future of Drupal.


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