Let me try a dirty little secret to get noticed


In Dries State of Drupal presentation (September 2007) There are two aspects that made whant to make this long blog. I'll use he's "dirty little secret to get noticed" as outline. As introduction I like to give a critical path related to the "8th ranked killer feature: Improved node access system". However I will not address how to solve the path. I see a big problem with not being a part of the coding collective. This blog is about a lost bee who can't find its hive ... here we go.

From Networked Business to radical service

Recently I'm getting more into IT management, thanks to the mentoring of the professors at MOSI (E. Torfs and E. Vandijck). During reading in the book "Corporate Information Strategy and Management" I came across the concept and examples of B2B, what stands for "Business to Business". The concept C2C (customers), like ebay was of course known to me. The B2B example was Covisint. Using the web for B2C may be the most strait forward e-commerce example.

The autonomy of useful knowledge


It is not evident to change once view of the world, especial when its related to the concept of free will. In the past years I have been busy reviewing the concepts of intelligence. It is one of those concept still full of romance and mysteries. I've found the use of a metaphor helpful to opening up. Try to imagine how old societies behaved toward those issues they could not understand (the moon, the sun, the seasons), in most cases a human like projection and behavior with supreme powers was given.

Defining novelty


In one of my working papers I've been searching for a good definition about the essence of my research. In earlier work, concepts as creativity or innovation have been used instead of novelty. Those concepts are biased and do not address the actual research problem.

Web development course


The programming course this year seams to be as fruitful as last year. I'm really pleased on how that project is taking off and how the future plans are looking. I would like to draw the attention in this blog to the concept of the course.

Finaly !


In the last months I did had some trouble with my old provider so I changed, sadly the changes had some troubles by themselves. I do miss all several of my files (pdf and screencasts). The site is outdated any way (should check it all), just another item on my to do list. At least I can blog again. Let me give (yet another) update:

What’s going on


It has been a long time since my last blog as I’m working on to many things at once. Sometimes the progress looks to narrow, mostly my attention is simply attracted by so many thing and the blogging get neglected. Let me give a summary on what’s going on:

Intro to WEB 2.0

Quentin one of my BIM students just shared a very nice screencast on the Drupal for the course programming. Now I have my students content private, but I do want to share you this YouTube by Michael Wesch of Kansas State University, its simply great.

Working paper CAP


After my last blog I have been putting more time in clearly outline the relation between programming an "evolution complexity and cognition". In the last year I did feel the need to have a good and simple definition about bootstrapping. Several months ago I had a talk with Francis on stigmergy and it seams like the ideal tool to describe my idea to see the syntax of a general processing machine as a constructive learning tool. Well I hope this paper (attached) is making it a bit clear for all. In the last week I've been editing my working paper and hope it has become a readable format.

ECCO seminar


Wednesday I had a presentation about my research. It turned out to be a 2,5 hour marathon and I only talked about the pure basics, didn't talk at all about programming while its part of my title :) Well got the accurate feedback to make more specific presentations and papers, you'll have to read my phd (in 5 year !) to get the whole picture.


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