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Radical innovation in education: an academic experiment

I've been burning to tell you about an educational experiment. The challenge of the experiment was to deal with a problem of reduced support (teachers) and increase number of students (over 300). The solution: add some community spirit. I've been using my Drupal experience to guide this challenge and did some development along the way. We extended the issue queue to work with peer-evaluations and make learning part of the solution instead of the problem.

Totally shocked about groups policy ... burnout!


Some people have a day job and Drupal is a hobby. If your work simply gets deleted after weeks of activities ... during an active day ... without any possibility to appeal ... its enough to stop being an evangelist.

Evaluating the "call for participation" DrupalEdu event

After a month running a "call for participation" on an open space for education (#DrupalEd) it is time for some evaluation. I've used some of the Google charts, but had to copy past all this. Considering that visibilitie is the biggest problem I'm posting this as a comment in groups and as a blog for Drupal planet.

Drupal as case for self-organizing innovation: paper and presentation at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) conference


Last Tuesday I gave a presentation about self-organizing innovation at ISPIM. This paper is an update of my earlier white paper, basically it tries to explain that Drupal is not a CMS community but an open innovation community on software development. Not just the software, but Drupal's community experience is the innovation here. Indeed it's all about the people.

Drupal and Education Open Space: Call for Participation

We have just launched a Call for Participation on Drupal and Education Open Space to be held in London 22nd of August if there is enough responds. So go and let us know if you find training and educating youngling important.

Should we have an open space on Education?

During the drupalgovdays I took the liberty to give my vision on a future Open University concept inspired by my experience with a Drupal course I gave the past 5 years. The problem being adressed is also relevant for the Drupal community: how to educate vast amount of young people so that they would not just know Drupal, but are able to take leadership in it. This effect should be well know if you look at the participants of the Summer of Code (SoC). My target audience is a bit different, they are students in business schools and universities with no prior development knowledge, but with the right push they can make good development. If I have it my way (Open University concept), you will see students coming to Drupalcons or organizing Drupal camps. Let me give you the video first, but I would like to use this blog to discuss the need for an open space event on Education.

Drupalcon as event-incubator: from what is emerging in BoFs to pre-conference open spaces


It seems that Drupalcons are getting a same structure: the day before the event there is training and min-conference, like CXO and after the conference a code sprint. This does look like a great formula. The min-conference makes me imagine Drupalcon as an event-incubator. Wouldn’t it be great to have what is emerging in the BoFs during the conference to become open spaces min-conference at next Drupalcon?

From the core conversation: can we do virtual sprints?


I’ve got a suggestion/question related to the core conversation on Drupal 8: Could we create “virtual sprints” on specific topics by using VoIP?

Analyzing the Drupal App Store


Robert Douglass created a presentation for the 2011 Drupal Developer Days in Brussels that has lead to people expressing their opinions about A Drupal app store in quite a few discussions. This post is an analysis of Robert's presentation and the various issues and opinions expressed across the various channels afterward. I The discussions focus on three main issues:

  1. Value creation versus value capture
  2. Fighting for the low-end market
  3. Preserving Drupal's community roots

The first issue is a general dissonance between the strategies and philosophies of proprietary versus open source software. There is no doubt in my mind that open source is a better model overall, but it is clear that it does not always produce the best possible result for the individual contributor: As things are, they get paid by the hour (if at all), while creating products that have sustainable value.
The second issue, fighting for the low end market, is related to CMS competition. The quest to become the dominant CMS is actually about the affects the sustainability of the Drupal project in the longer term.
The third issue is that some people fear an app store model is in direct conflict with open source culture and that it would divorce Drupal from its roots and the Drupal community.

Planning a Drupal academic initiative


In the past years I’ve had discussion about a Drupal academic initiative with many people. 2011 seems to be an excited moment to see the many discussion turn into actions. A good project needs to have at least a small user group to help shape the initiative. To do so we plan three events during different Drupal events. The first one is very "ad hoc" and will happen soon: Devdays 5 and 6 February. You can join the discussion on the session pageThe second meeting (BoF) is planned during Drupalcon Chicago in March.


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