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Long term thinking and bloggin


There is a conflict between my interests and blogging. When you look at my past blogs, you notice gaps of months. The problem is, I think sever times a week about making a blog. Once I start a story, I notice it starts to look like the intro to a a research paper. So I just file it with my other ideas. Mostly I don't even open those files any more, its like they are small brainstorms, but the real result sticks in your head, the content becomes useless.

Site makeover


In the last week my site has been taken offline by Els. She has been reworking it and re-theming. As a consequence I've been sucked in the makeover and its still not over. You can find pages with "attentions". These pages will be reworked in the coming days.

Finaly !


In the last months I did had some trouble with my old provider so I changed, sadly the changes had some troubles by themselves. I do miss all several of my files (pdf and screencasts). The site is outdated any way (should check it all), just another item on my to do list. At least I can blog again. Let me give (yet another) update:

What’s going on


It has been a long time since my last blog as I’m working on to many things at once. Sometimes the progress looks to narrow, mostly my attention is simply attracted by so many thing and the blogging get neglected. Let me give a summary on what’s going on:

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