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Drupal cxo on training versus educating

We had a lively debate during the two days of Drupal cxo about Drupal training. The discussion helps a lot to addressing an issue I’ve experienced every since Szeged (Drupalcon 2008) . First of all I would like to thank every one who was involved in the discussions.

From the discussion it became clear that we used training to address two different thinks. There is training as a business opportunity versus training as educating students to have more young people join Drupal. It turns out this is a big difference and we need to address it if we are serious about Drupal internal growth. To make the difference clearer I’ll use “training” versus “educating”. This is neither a battle nor a competition, it is a different target and it requires a different strategy. My interest goes to educating and I think too little awareness exists about what de difference is, why we needed educating and how we can do it.

New-market disruption class?

I was just a bit surfing the web for Clayton M. Christensen new work and listened to a blogcast on his recent book Disrupting Class. In the blogcast he talks about disrupting class by using computers, but argues that it is not yet good enough to compete with universities and should compete with non-consumption. This surprised me, as I'm not competing with non-consumption but with new-market consumption with my WSDB course.

Writing out a drupal exercise

Today I've finally written out one of the exercise on drupal. It is a simple drupal module tutorial to show the interaction between users. The exercise introduces hook_menu, hoop_perm and hook_comment. The text is but a draft, tomorrow I'll check if my students can make sense of it.

Web development course


The programming course this year seams to be as fruitful as last year. I'm really pleased on how that project is taking off and how the future plans are looking. I would like to draw the attention in this blog to the concept of the course.

Intro to WEB 2.0

Quentin one of my BIM students just shared a very nice screencast on the Drupal for the course programming. Now I have my students content private, but I do want to share you this YouTube by Michael Wesch of Kansas State University, its simply great.

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