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The genesis and pursuit of breakthrough innovation with the Drupal ecosystem as a living-lab for R&D management

I'm pleased to announce you my latest working paper The genesis and pursuit of breakthrough innovation with the Drupal ecosystem as a living-lab for R&D management. It is based on my R&D conference paper and contains the Drupalcon interview from Copenhagen. Let me give you the abstract:

Drupal cxo on training versus educating

We had a lively debate during the two days of Drupal cxo about Drupal training. The discussion helps a lot to addressing an issue I’ve experienced every since Szeged (Drupalcon 2008) . First of all I would like to thank every one who was involved in the discussions.

From the discussion it became clear that we used training to address two different thinks. There is training as a business opportunity versus training as educating students to have more young people join Drupal. It turns out this is a big difference and we need to address it if we are serious about Drupal internal growth. To make the difference clearer I’ll use “training” versus “educating”. This is neither a battle nor a competition, it is a different target and it requires a different strategy. My interest goes to educating and I think too little awareness exists about what de difference is, why we needed educating and how we can do it.

Battle plans for the Drupal jungle

It is never easy to communicate about a work in progress. There is always a good excuse to wait a bit longer, so to include the latest news. Still this way I’m never going to post a thing.

Exactly a month ago I was analyzing the Drupalcon sponsoring in the past years to find dedicated Drupal shops. Then I start mailing the companies, most replied fast and were very open to discuss the matter. I’ve gone to Drupalcon with a specific reason: to investigate if open innovation is spontaneous emerging in the Drupal business ecosystem.

While I planed to only interview the Drupal shops, to get a better view on the above research question, we mostly end up discussion my research in more depth. It turns out Drupal is really becoming an open innovation medium, although it was different from my anticipation. I was expecting the companies intentionally manage alliances, but it seems more an emerging issue. It turns out that the IT-support for the open innovation already existed, what a surprise! Another surprise was the diversity, I was expecting to find some patterns, but the diversity is so large it is the pattern!

It is astonishing how big the Drupal project is becoming and I’m not just talking about code. There are all kind of organizations and events happening. The panel discussion can gave a good idea of the diversity of the businesses. From the interviews I’ve also noticed how little redundancy exist, which is even more surprising. Drupal is becoming so big and fit, its not a small ecosystem, it’s a jungle!

Can we bootstrap R&D management and Drupal?

This post is first and for all about my experience on the R&D management conference, but it builds up to a story on Drupal too.

Writing out a drupal exercise

Today I've finally written out one of the exercise on drupal. It is a simple drupal module tutorial to show the interaction between users. The exercise introduces hook_menu, hoop_perm and hook_comment. The text is but a draft, tomorrow I'll check if my students can make sense of it.

Reflecting on DrupalCon-Szeged: the shift to RDF

DrupalCon was again a great experience. Reflecting on it, I'm mostly surprised by the relation with RDF in some of the tracks. There was the session on Training and Certificates that wants to create an RDF for curriculum. Another interesting session was about Hacking Climate Change with Drupal and the Semantic Web I made a discussion-post about the RDF for curriculum in groups. This blog will be about the other session.

"Thank you" spam


I've just noticed the new spam on my site. It has become more polite, really sneaky basters ;-)

Several comments appeared that encourage my blogging, but it stayed vague, like:
- Entirely wonderful thank you - just what I needed!
- This is really helpful! Thanks.
- This is great! Nice blog.

But... when you click on the username, then you notice ... it's spam! Damm, I thought: 'Finally some people who are interested in my blogs!'. Well, I'll better have the 'Update module' active.

P.S. See you at Drupalcon if you go.

FP7 BoF for Drupal research


A month ago Kristof took contact with me as he was interested in FP7 for a semantic web code sprint series. We had a great talk later and I've been checking the FP7 themes with supervision by the national contact point. I only scratched the surface but that is already huge.

Longer-term Drupal @ FOSDEM


Yesterday a whole day Drupal @ FOSDEM. The krimson team has been covering the recording, but its a bit to soon to see the castings online. I'll probably make some more blogs when they get online, however Dries asked for feedback, so I'll give mine. He did a combination of the Barcelona talk and he's recent blog on the long term future of Drupal.

Let me try a dirty little secret to get noticed


In Dries State of Drupal presentation (September 2007) There are two aspects that made whant to make this long blog. I'll use he's "dirty little secret to get noticed" as outline. As introduction I like to give a critical path related to the "8th ranked killer feature: Improved node access system". However I will not address how to solve the path. I see a big problem with not being a part of the coding collective. This blog is about a lost bee who can't find its hive ... here we go.


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