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From Networked Business to radical service

Recently I'm getting more into IT management, thanks to the mentoring of the professors at MOSI (E. Torfs and E. Vandijck). During reading in the book "Corporate Information Strategy and Management" I came across the concept and examples of B2B, what stands for "Business to Business". The concept C2C (customers), like ebay was of course known to me. The B2B example was Covisint. Using the web for B2C may be the most strait forward e-commerce example.

Web development course


The programming course this year seams to be as fruitful as last year. I'm really pleased on how that project is taking off and how the future plans are looking. I would like to draw the attention in this blog to the concept of the course.

Govern Innovation


This week I had an interesting discussions with two professors of my research group, the topic was related to Business information management (BIM). The first talk with professor E. Torfs was an overview of the BIM-course on IT-governance it was an amazing interesting contribution for my research as it helped me frame my attempts on understanding "innovation" in relation to the control system I've been invesitgating the last years. The new concept was "governance", seeing how it got applied to IT made me think of it as a example of the more general control process going on behind the scene.

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