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Sprint November - December


With our knosos project we have a sprint evaluation every month. It seams a good time to blog about my development and the plans of next month. Last month our pilot project started and I have been adding some small features to groups (like delete of groups and subgroups) as well as a expansion of the subscribe module. I had to hack the subscription module to make it work with our architecture, so again it will be functionalities hard to make a sepreate module for.

Double posting


This blog is posted double. It is actually the first and I hope not too many duplicating post have to be created. The reason is related to our development of "access" to content. In the past 10 months we have been developing a "node access" (Drupal) module for KNOSOS. The idea is to give users flexibility to there contend publication. Currently the module allows you to define the access level of your content and gives you a tool to direct your content to an audience.

Reworking my personal site


Let me tell you the story behind this personal webspace. I had a small experiment with creating my personal site two years ago. It actually started out as investigation of frames, I didn't know at that time frames are out dated. For 10 months I work on the Knosos project and have learned Drupal and other good web-tools. This time I'm planing not to use my personal-site as to test web-technology ( .... well ... it won't be the focus), but to use it as better way to express myself. I actualy planed this several months ago, but had troble with my provider (I switched now).

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