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Drupal as case for self-organizing innovation: paper and presentation at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) conference


Last Tuesday I gave a presentation about self-organizing innovation at ISPIM. This paper is an update of my earlier white paper, basically it tries to explain that Drupal is not a CMS community but an open innovation community on software development. Not just the software, but Drupal's community experience is the innovation here. Indeed it's all about the people.

The ISPIM experience

A week ago I had the best conference ever, now with the exams and its administration behind me I can finally blog about it. I must say, with the tight schedule (208 presentations in 5 parallel tracks, each having only 15 min presentation time) I was skeptical about the time to discuss the topics. However the breaks and the social events in the evening did provide quite some time to talk. I've connected with some amazing people.

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