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Novelty = the inherently unknown

Defining novelty


In one of my working papers I've been searching for a good definition about the essence of my research. In earlier work, concepts as creativity or innovation have been used instead of novelty. Those concepts are biased and do not address the actual research problem.

Working paper CAP


After my last blog I have been putting more time in clearly outline the relation between programming an "evolution complexity and cognition". In the last year I did feel the need to have a good and simple definition about bootstrapping. Several months ago I had a talk with Francis on stigmergy and it seams like the ideal tool to describe my idea to see the syntax of a general processing machine as a constructive learning tool. Well I hope this paper (attached) is making it a bit clear for all. In the last week I've been editing my working paper and hope it has become a readable format.

ECCO seminar


Wednesday I had a presentation about my research. It turned out to be a 2,5 hour marathon and I only talked about the pure basics, didn't talk at all about programming while its part of my title :) Well got the accurate feedback to make more specific presentations and papers, you'll have to read my phd (in 5 year !) to get the whole picture.

Gaps in Wikipedia because of politics?

Today I've been reading an interesting part of history on nuclear reaction in the book "Pandora's Hope" by Bruno Latour. The reason I'm reading this is related to innovation study I'm conducting. The part goes about the research of Jean Frédéric Joliot who is working on chain reaction in 1939. Now of course I was very interested how this is related to the Manhattan Project.

Non-linear Phenomena, Complex Systems, & Statistical Mechanics


Today there was the meeting of the FNRS contact group wit the same title as this post. A good question my be what I as a programming modeling researcher was doing in a conference of physics. Well it actually remind me of the same situation I had when going to the ASSC8 conferenece on consciousness or the relation I have with my department on economics. It all gets down to understanding the environment my information models have to be verified against.

Govern Innovation


This week I had an interesting discussions with two professors of my research group, the topic was related to Business information management (BIM). The first talk with professor E. Torfs was an overview of the BIM-course on IT-governance it was an amazing interesting contribution for my research as it helped me frame my attempts on understanding "innovation" in relation to the control system I've been invesitgating the last years. The new concept was "governance", seeing how it got applied to IT made me think of it as a example of the more general control process going on behind the scene.


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